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‘Summer Bumpin’ (Baby Bumping)

Summer ‘Bumpin’ (Baby Bumpin) Sing to the tune of Grease’s Summer Nights Summer Bumpin and having some fun! Summer Bumpin it happened so fast I’m carrying a human that’s as cute as can be I’m your mommy; want the best for you and me Pregnant days are drifting away, to uh oh those delivery day… Continue reading ‘Summer Bumpin’ (Baby Bumping)


Working While Growing a Human

Working while extremely tired, nauseated, bloated, vomiting, back aching, legs heavy, urinating every 10 minutes, performing on your job at 100% can be difficult while growing an entire human.  This can be an emotional and physically challenging task as you carry and prepare for the birth of your baby.  However, it can be done and be… Continue reading Working While Growing a Human

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Pregnancy Weight: Gaining Weight while Growing a Human

Your body is Amazing; you have the capability to help your son/and or daughter grow, develop and thrive. You are nurturing and caring for your child before you even hold your baby. That alone is awesome.

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My Wife is Growing a Human- Now What?

6 Tips for Dad During Pregnancy Dads you have chosen to embark on this Amazing Adventure of Pregnancy with your wife. This journey is not for the faint of heart; there will be good days, challenging days and also the best days of your life. While you are not the one carrying the baby- you… Continue reading My Wife is Growing a Human- Now What?

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8 Amazing RN Tips to Survive 1st Trimester

Congratulations! You are Pregnant. You are Excited & Happy; yet you feel…… Exhaustion, Nausea, Vomiting, Sore breasts, Bloating, Morning Sickness all day, and did I mention Extreme Exhaustion. What’s a mommy to do? It is no joke. Growing a tiny human is hard work; especially in the beginning, as your body adjusts to pregnancy.  Yes,… Continue reading 8 Amazing RN Tips to Survive 1st Trimester


The Journey of a High Risk Pregnancy

Maternal Fetal Medicine Monday   “Thank you. Thank you for taking a situation that could have been difficult, stressful and overwhelming and making it manageable.”   I will never forget these words spoken to me by a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) patient. That one sentence sums up why I do what I do, and why… Continue reading The Journey of a High Risk Pregnancy


1st Prenatal Visit

The First Step of Your Amazing Journey: 1st Prenatal Visit: Excited, Nervous, Anticipation, Happy, Scared, Joyful, Ready! You may feel all of these emotions as you prepare for your 1st Prenatal Visit; which is normal as you enter into a new phase in your life.  This is the first step on your Amazing Adventure of… Continue reading 1st Prenatal Visit