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I Remember The Time

Michael Jackson, Remember the Times

Today, I was the patient for a short while. No worries, all is well. However, it led me to an encounter with a former patient. It was a blessing to see her on this day, she met me during a vulnerable state, with grace, compassion and understanding.

After speaking with my former patient today, her name and details will be withheld to protect her identity, I reflected on the conversation. The Michael Jackson song ‘Remember the Times’ floated through my consciousness. While this may seem odd- a love song and a former patient, you may find yourself asking- how is that even connected? I personally think, as a nurse, I embark on a mission that is filled with love for my profession, patients and purpose. Nursing is and will always be what I have been called to be and do.

My former patient shared with me, how I influenced her pregnancy. Directly quoting her she mentioned I ” was the best nurse she has ever had”. She told me, I helped her have a joyous experience even though she was having a high-risk pregnancy. I was instantly humbled as my heart melted in a goo of good feelings.

Typically, I would say thanks and tuck it away in the corner of my mind to revisit when I’m having a challenging workday or need a bit of inspiration. This time, I thanked her. I let her know it was an honor to walk her pregnancy journey with her and be a part of her story. I thanked her for letting me know I made a difference, that I was a vessel to her achieving purpose during pain and joy during tribulation with a high-risk pregnancy.

I remember the times…. the times when I was 8 years old and said “I’m going to be a nurse”. I remember in high school, when I confirmed I will be a nurse. Its a decision that I have never regret, yet I question often, did I do enough, am I making a difference?

I’m not one that believe in accidents or coincidences, I know I met her and heard what I needed to hear in that moment. It was a wonderful confirmation, that my job, my career, my current situation is purposeful. I mentioned to her that she touched my spirit, as I sometimes wonder if I make an impact or difference. She excitedly exclaimed, “YES! for me and I’m sure for many others”.

What a sweet blessing to hear and message dropped in my spirit.

I hope and pray when my time as a working nurse has come to an end, I can Remember the Times, remember that my love of nursing is propelled from my passion to care. That each word, smile, action I put into the universe impact change. I may never change the entire world, but maybe, just maybe I change one person’s world.

Until next time everyone- remember YOU ARE AMAZING!

Tell me below – what has happened recently that made you remember- you are on the right path?

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