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15 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy

“In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.”— Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Welcome, to the Adventure. Pregnancy is Amazing, Miraculous, Exciting and can be Challenging. Being pregnant is a big responsibility and there are many things to consider on what you should or shouldn’t do. You may find yourself spending your entire pregnancy worrying.

My goal, is that you know what to do while pregnant, being informed , educated and inspired and not be worried constantly. I want you to embrace this pregnancy fully knowledgeable and full of joy.

The goal of this blog post, along with your doctor/midwife’s recommendations, may help you know what to do while pregnant- from a nurse perspective. So, grab your glass of water and read along- be sure to comment at the end!

20 Things You Need To Know About Pregnancy

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  1. Remember, you are AMAZING
  2. Your body will change in ways not expected Your breast will be sore, your nipples and areola will become darker. Your bra size may increase 1 to 2 cup size. Your feel may increase a size or two permantly
  3. You should meet with your doctor before you even become pregnant This is called a pre-conception counseling visit. This appointment will ensure you have the green light to proceed with conception
  4. Even before pregnancy is achieved – take 1 folic acid a day- speak with your doctor/midwife about dose
  5. Need to make sure that you are eating healthy
  6. Expect to experience extreme fatigue- make sure you are getting enough rest, even if it means going to be at 7:30 or 8:00pm
  7. Even if you are excited about pregnancy- you may experience prenatal depression Be open to mental health wellness checks
  8. Prenatal Care is very important. It may not seem like a lot is going on during the appointments. However, these appointments are crucial. Your doctor/midwife will check you, your blood pressure, wellbeing and your baby’s wellbeing. This is also an opportunity to ask any and every question you can think of
  9. Vaccinations are important-if your provider does not mention it- ask them if and what vaccinations you need to protect you and baby
  10. Sciatica pain may occur. This can cause a a severe pain that radiates from the back into the hip and outer side of the leg caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. In pregnancy if can cause difficulty walking, standing or sitting, numbness or weakness in legs or feet and pain on one side of your buttocks. Be sure to speak with your provider if this occurs
  11. You may notice more nasal congestion This is typically a result of swollen nasal membranes
  12. AVOID smoking, drinking alcohol
  13. AVOID eating raw fish, undercooked mean, unpasteurized cheese and juices -like apple cider
  14. Physical activity is very important. Speak with your doctor/midwife for approval The CDC ,2019 recommends at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. This does not have to be a heavy strenuous activity. This activity can be walking after lunch or dinner. Prenatal yoga or dance, aquatic exercises
  15. You may experience constipation Increase fluids and fibers. Speak with your doctor if the problem persists

The main thing is the main thing- keeping you and baby healthy, happy and safe. These 15 pregnancy topics are not meant to take the place of prenatal care. This blog is to just inform you and give you a peak into what you can expect when having a baby. My final tip is to keep your mental and physical health in the best shape. Build a village of individuals that love and support your journey. Remind yourself daily, you are AMAZING, you are WONDERFUL, you are ENOUGH and you have what you need to be an INCREDIBLE mother. Open your mind and experience to expect the unexpected and always focus on Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Mom and Healthy Baby!

Wife, Mother, Doctor Nurse, and Champion for All Pregnant Women

Comment below, I want to hear what you learned during pregnancy. Did anything surprise you? Let me know

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