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5 Tips For Having a Happy Pregnancy

“It’s hard growing a person”!

If you are pregnant, can you relate? I met this beautiful mom-to-be and one of the first thing she said was “Wow! it’s hard growing a person”!

As a mother, advocate and champion of all pregnant women, I believe pregnancy to be a beautiful, majestic, blessed experience. Yet, I fully acknowledge- IT IS HARD! Your body, mind, and soul in a constant evolving state accompanied with pregnancy aches and pains, can make you feel lost, confused and just plain ready to say, ‘I’m done’. While internally asking yourself, ‘what is going on’?!!!!. I made sure to tell her how proud I was that she had successfully navigated this pregnancy, making it to the end, and doing everything she could to keep her and baby healthy and happy. I wanted to acknowledge she did a good job. She thanked me and expressed this has been hard on her body and mind, but she cannot wait to hold, snuggle, love, and just look at her baby. It was all worth it!

This conversation led me to reflect on how pregnancy is hard, but also think how can I offer nurse tips that will help a mom-to-be embrace this season of pregnancy. How can a pregnant woman find joy and happiness through the pregnancy aches and symptoms?

In this blog post, you will find 5 Tips for Having a Happy Pregnancy
A happy pregnancy is a healthy pregnancy. There are many ways to keep your mind and body healthy and happy during your pregnancy.

Five ways to your path of Happiness

(1)Mind over matter: Your mental state is more important than ever when you’re pregnant. Speak words that will build you up, encourage you, and speak life, love, and joy. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself, I am the right person to nurture this baby. I can grow and nurture this baby to health and happiness. I can provide unconditional love, and nutrients to care for my baby while in the womb and once delivered. I am enough just the way I am to be everything my baby needs, just the way I am.

(2)Stay in the moment: When you are pregnant, it is easy to imagine the ‘What if’s”. I encourage you to (1) always speak with your doctor or midwife regarding questions and concerns, no matter how big or small they seem. Also, be mindful of what you are feeling, accept each moment, and own it. Easier said than done but focus on day today. I know some moms-to-be who get a positive pregnancy test and immediately start thinking about pain management options during labor. While that is important, it is also important to take each day at a time or week by week. Speak with your doctor and or midwife about what you should focus on during your current month /week of pregnancy. Most, importantly the goal is to not overwhelm yourself, I encourage you to stay in the moment and enjoy this pregnancy.

(3) Self-care is imperative: Make sure to take time for yourself and do things that make you feel good. Engage in activities and moments that not only pamper yourself but show self-love and self-appreciation. I don’t consider this selfish but investing in yourself to be your best self. When you are at your best self and your cup is full, you can pour into your baby and family.

(4)Love who you are: Accept who you are with this pregnancy. This pregnancy may not match the idea you had before you became pregnant. Accept the reality of your pregnancy and not the idea you thought pregnancy would be. Love your body for transforming and adapting to ‘growing a human’. Love your mind for learning how to care for yourself and your baby. Love your capability to open your heart and love someone unconditionally that you have never met before. Love you are are at this moment. Remind yourself daily “I am Amazing”.

(5) Give yourself grace: It’s okay if not everything goes according to plan. I always say Expect the Unexpected. Pregnancy will offer more twists and turns than a roller coaster at an amusement park. Remember, you have not failed, you are doing a great job. Pregnancy can present with unexpected results and symptoms and plans of care. You are doing a great job. Brace for the changes (which are not all bad) hang on tight and know everything is working together for the good of Healthy Mom and Healthy Baby.

Rest! Growing a human is hard work. Take time to rest when pregnancy fatigue hits you when you don’t feel your best when you just need to sit for a moment when you just need a little break; take a rest. It is more than okay. Make sure you don’t feel guilty or ashamed. Your body is literally growing another body- if you need a rest, take a rest!

Every mom-to-be, I hope your pregnancy journey is filled with happiness and these 5 tips help you find your happiness!
Comment below on how you are finding your happiness during pregnancy.

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As always Remember you are Amazing

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