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Surviving Postpartum Depression: You are not alone

This week ABC television show: Black-ish , aired the episode ‘Mother Nature’. This episode captured the very real phenomenon of Postpartum Depression (PPD).

While watching this episode, I begin to reflect on the miracle of pregnancy and the journey of pregnancy that is not always so pretty:  Postpartum Depression.

Postpartum Depression is real and it is not your fault. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologist states 1 out of 7 women experience Postpartum Depression. (ACOG, 2017).  Postpartum Depression can cause you to feel sad, overwhelmed, confused, angry, like a bad mom, alone and scared.

You are not alone.


Being a mom to a newborn can be challenging, adding Postpartum depression can cause you to be completely overwhelmed.

Postpartum Depression can occur up to 1 year after having a baby, but it usually starts about 1-3 weeks after having your baby.

You may find yourself with intense feelings of being sad, anxious, not bonding with your baby and just “can’t get it right”.

Remember, this is not your fault.

Usually Postpartum Depression occurs because of :

  • Changes in hormone levels.
  • History of depression you have an increased risk for developing postpartum depression.
  • Adjusting to taking care of a newborn-even though you love and planned for this little one and enjoyed pregnancy.
  • Sleep Deprivation is also a contributes to Postpartum Depression
  • Not having a support system

Moms, sometimes, you may not even realize you have Postpartum Depression as you try to make it day by day with your new baby. If you think you may have PPD or if your partner /family member or friend think you have PPD, you can see your Ob/Gyn- even if it is not time for your Postpartum Checkup.

I have seen women come into the clinic, crying and not realizing it. I have heard women being counseled by their doctor and expressing they are scared of being judged.

Mom’s, I want you to know you are not alone, and this is not your fault. There is no shame associated with having PPD and needing help.

  • Listen to your family if they suggest you may have PPD
  • Talk with your doctor-they want to help you.
  • Do not expect a quick fix. Recovering from PPD may take a while.
  • You do not have to do this alone.

The journey through Postpartum Depression is not an easy one to travel. It is a journey that many have traveled before you , after you and even with you now.

I  also  want you to have hope; while the road may be dark; there will be sunshine again.


Always Healthy Moms / Healthy Baby

By:  Mary Echols,RN ,BSN,MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women

Contact Mary @



The Americans College of Obstetrics and Gynecology,2017.Depression and Postpartum Depression: Resource Overview

                     (Youtube.come/ on video in blog)

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Dear High Risk Moms

Dear High Risk Moms,

While I’m not proclaiming to know exactly what you are going through and cannot fully understand every thought you are having. I know you have chosen to have a baby and with that baby comes  dreams and hopes of an amazing pregnancy journey and a beautiful healthy baby.  

However at some point during your pregnancy, you were referred to the High Risk doctor and your world changed. I’m sure you wondered or wondering now… what does this mean?? What’s going to happen?

Moms, I hear you. This journey you are on  may be one of the most fearful, emotionally charged journey you will have to take in your life. I understand you are literally fighting to make it to Labor & Delivery and deliver a healthy baby to bring home.

Moms, there will be times when you are working with your primary doctor and Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) doctor and feel overwhelmed with the tests, procedures, and appointments. There will be times you are worried if insurance will cover all that you need. Google may have become your ‘second doctor” and chat rooms your saving grace as you try to find other moms as support. I understand.

I understand there are days you want to rage because ‘ it’s just not fair’ and you question ” why me?” Yes, I see your furstration with information overload and the complexity of the situation;the uncertainty if you should trust your healthcare team’s plan. I know you are carrying a precious gift- you will protect at all cost.

Moms, I hear you and I’m with you. I want you to know as your nurse, myself, your MFM doctor and many team members are there with you from the moment we meet you to after you deliver and beyond if you need us.

We carry you in our thoughts as we collaborate to design the best plan to have you and your baby safe and healthy. We pray for wisdom to chose the correct plan for you. We pray for your peace during a challenging time. We partner with you to create a plan you are comfortable with to have a desired outcome.

As your nurse, I urge you to give me your worries , I want your questions, I’ll handle the logistics.  I want to make this particular challenging pregnancy journey easier for you. With a high risk pregnancy your mind is already filled with thoughts and worries- Our goal as the MFM team is to always reduce stress, minimize worry and promote peace in any situation.

Moms, remember this is your journey and I’m walking with you every step. Always let me know what you need, when you need it as we make it to the destination of delivering a healthy baby and keep you healthy.


Your MFM Nurse ❤️



(picture source:

By: Mary Echols,RN,BSN,MSN

Wife /Mother/Nurse

Contact Mary at :


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Baby Shower

Your pregnancy journey may be filled with nausea, joy, fatigue, excitement, happiness pregnancy symptoms you never knew could occur… basically a roller coaster of emotions and experiences…then you take an expected turn and arrive at your…..
Baby Shower 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Hosted by your family and friends to
Celebrate you and your new babyimage

This is the time for you to relax, sit back, enjoy and be on the receiving end of good wishes presents, joy and love.

I’ve noticed in recent years baby Showers have evolved. Where there use to be a cake games and diapers in a little room ; Baby Showers are now full out extravaganzas.

The most important thing to remember is that your baby shower reflects you. You want to be comfortable and relaxed. If you prefer a quiet intimate gathering or a full party- do what makes you comfortable ,happy and grateful as you celebrate the arrival of your baby.






Having a baby boy & loving it!

Ms. Rickia Thomas celebrated her baby boy with family and friends.



Rickia’s priority was to include her girls; wanting them to be a part of their baby brother’s life from the beginning. They are so excited to welcome their baby brother.


The shirts are adorable! It’s a boy!!!

Food is a big part of any gathering. When choosing what to serve- include a variety and choose items you like as well. Make sure in all the excitement to sit down and enjoy a bite or 2 😊



What’s a great meal without an Awesome dessert?

Cake and Cupcakes:





Rickia had a beautiful shower and was grateful to have a moment for her family to celebrate a new life: A baby boy!

Join me in congratulating Ms. Rickia Thomas. A beautiful person inside and out. She is carrying a full plate with a smile– Mom of 2 adorable girls with a 3rd child on the way; working full time while in Nursing school. You will definitely be hearing more from this Amazing mom in the upcoming weeks.

Moms, I want you to know whatever theme or setting you decide to have for your shower know it will be memorable. It will be a moment in your pregnancy journey to sit back, relax and be “showered” with love!

( Pictures by HoneyBee Photography: Shameika Howell)
Be sure to visit her page for your photography needs



Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby

By : Mary Echols , RN,BSN,MSN

Wife/Mother/Registere Nurse/”Caretaker of all Pregnant Women”

Contact Mary:


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Surviving the Summer with a Baby Bump

Summer ‘Bumpin’ (Baby Bumpin)

Sing to the tune of Grease’s Summer Nights

Summer Bumpin and having some fun!

Summer Bumpin it happened so fast

I’m carrying a human that’s as cute as can be

I’m your mommy; want the best for you and me

Pregnant days are drifting away, to uh oh those

delivery day

Baby Boy Baby Girl

Summer Pregnancy



Many women experiencing pregnancy during the summer months think they will miss out on fun with the family or be stuck at home drinking water in front of the air condition. The truth is you can still have fun, stay safe and survive the summer months of pregnancy. (Of course, remember to stay safe and follow your doctor’s recommendations).


Listed below : 8 Fun Activities and Tips to having a “Summer Bumpin Time”


It is very important for pregnant women to drink enough water- especially in the summer. You definitely want to make sure you avoid becoming dehydrated. Some signs of dehydration: dizziness, racing or pounding heart, urinating only small amounts or having dark yellow urine (The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2016). Dehydration can cause cramping /contractions in the third trimester as well as overheating (St.Laurent , 2013).


Beat the heat and drink—Water that is! Grab a pretty BPA free water bottle- fill it up and carry it with you everywhere you go!


If you have little one’s at home and pregnant- how can you entertain them during the summer months and take care of yourself and the little human you are growing?

Use your backyard.

Turn your backyard into your personal oasis. You won’t have to travel and you have the comforts of home. Make sure you and your children have on the right amount of sunscreen- and make your backyard a summer playground. You can find a kiddie pool-with just enough water for them to splash around in, turn on the sprinklers and have a ball.IMG_0654

You can sit right next to the children and watch them play while sipping on your ice-cold water, enjoy the summer day. However, if you feel yourself overheating- find a cool place.


You may be asking: what if I work, and don’t have time sit in the backyard all day? The great thing about the summer is the days are longer. There are more opportunities for FUN!

Once you are off from work- your family can take a walk around the block, stop at the local dairy queen or just once again-enjoy your backyard

Bubbles. Yes, simple but so magical. Entertain the children one evening after work. Bubbles are fun, affordable and lots of fun for the little ones.

4.Comfortable shoes

Swelling is common in pregnancy, due to the extra fluid in the body, combine that with the Summer heat= swollen feet and ankles. The strappy sandals and wedges are most likely off limits for now- and that’s okay. There are cute comfortable shoes you can wear during these hot months. Also, a tip is because of the swelling, going up a ½ size may increase your comfort level.


* Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing swelling and have concerns*

5.Comfortable Clothes

Once again, pregnant women have extra fluid- which causes swelling; especially in the summer heat. You want to make sure you are comfortable. Take advantage of the cute flowing maxi dresses and skirt trend. They allow room to grow, fashionable, and come in so many different patterns and styles.


Healthy, Refreshing and Delicious. Take advantage of all the available summer fruit. My favorite is Watermelon, but all fruit will help with hydration.IMG_0662 Enjoy the sweet delicious fruit available during the summer months. Keep in mind, some fruit have a high sugar content- so if you have Gestational Diabetes or other health concerns- Speak with your doctor or dietician on what is appropriate for you to eat.

7. Swimming

Exercise in pregnancy is a wonderful idea- if your doctor approves. However, in the summer; you don’t want to overheat. Choose exercises that will not cause you to overheat- choose indoors rather than outside to exercise. One of my favorite form of exercise swimming- it will keep you cool and is a great pregnancy exercise-low impact and relaxing. Plus, it will keep you cool.  IMG_0663

8.Amusement Parks

This is one summer activity that can be challenging while pregnant in the summer. Do not ride the roller coasters .


Do  make sure you are drinking water the entire time you are there. Do wear sunscreen and a sun hat to protect your sensitive skin. Do wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Do make sure you are taking time to rest. It is okay if you cannot keep up with the crowd you went with to the amusement park. You are growing a human and the sun is hot! Take it easy on yourself 🙂

Your Summer ‘Bumpin‘ time of pregnancy may be challenging, but you can have fun, stay safe ,cool and survive the summer months while growing a human.


Summer Bumpin and having some fun!

Summer Bumpin it happened so fast

I’m carrying a human that’s as cute as can be

I’m your mommy; want the best for you and me

Pregnant days are drifting away, to uh oh those

delivery day

Baby Boy Baby Girl

Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby


 Mary Echols,RN ,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/ Registered Nurse/ "Champion of All Pregnant Women'

Contact Mary @



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St.Laurent,C. "The Effect of Dehydration in Pregnant Women on the Baby." Livestrong

"Exercise During Pregnancy-ACOG."

Photo Source: Pixaby & Bossfight

@copyright Mary Echols,2017


Working While Growing a Human

Working while extremely tired, nauseated, bloated, vomiting, back aching, legs heavy, urinating every 10 minutes, performing on your job at 100% can be difficult while growing an entire human.  This can be an emotional and physically challenging task as you carry and prepare for the birth of your baby.  However, it can be done and be manageable.

My hope is that your journey while working and pregnant is stress free, manageable, positive and comfortable.

When writing this post from a Working Mom and Registered Nurse Point of view-I wanted to create the perfect formula.

If you do this + Do this + Eat this  The result will = working while pregnant a smooth/fun experience!

The truth is there is not 1 easy formula. Every pregnancy, woman, job, situation is different.

There will be days when the snooze button wins- and you are rushing to work and a few minutes late. There will be days when there is an 8:00am meeting and at 7:58-you have to vomit then urinate then vomit again – not necessarily in that order.

There will be days, when all you want to do is sleep. There will be days when the snooze button will win and you may be a few minutes late for work. There will be days when you are in the bathroom urinating more than data inputting. If you are in healthcare, there will be days when you are 38 weeks pregnant, wearing a maternity belt and still pushing, pulling, turning patients. There will be days when the smell of the morning coffee makes you run to the bathroom to vomit again.

There will be times when you want to be that pre-pregnant woman who is top of her game- The truth is at this moment in time- you are not her. You are doing a full-time job of growing a Human- and it’s okay to have these moments.

Don’t lose hope yet, because I can tell you; there will be times (especially in the second trimester) when you are winning. There will be times when you are on time, your tasks are completed, your team is ahead of schedule, and your in-box is complete.

I can also tell you that You can do this.

As long as there is not a health reason and your doctor approves- you can work until your delivery day. There will be challenges but there are ways to make it easier for you and your little one.

The main goals are: 

Working Hard &  Enjoying her day!


  • To say healthy
  • Keep Baby healthy
  • Stay Productive at work
  • Remain Stress free and enjoy this pregnancy

My desire is your pregnancy journey while you work is stress free, manageable and convenient.

I have 10 RN tips that will make your work experience a little easier; everything from telling your manager to managing your pregnancy symptoms while on the clock.

1.Telling your Boss/Manager/Supervisor

Depending on your work environment and the relationship you have with your superiors, it can be intimidating to speak with our Supervisor; much less to inform them of major life changes.

Most women wait until their 2nd trimester to announce their pregnancy; and wait even longer before telling their co-workers. You are in your right to tell your news when you are comfortable.

I would advise telling your Supervisor first- even before your closest colleague.

More on How to tell your Supervisor and colleagues in another blog post (Stay tuned for another post in the coming week)

2.Nausea and Vomiting

“Morning Sickness” which can last all day is hard to manage when working. If your vomiting becomes severe –please notify your doctor.

If you are able to tolerate it; eat something in the morning. You are less nauseated when your stomach is not completely empty.

Bring snacks to work. Try to nibble on crackers at work and other bland foods. Sucking on peppermint helps as well


Try to develop a consistent night routine that allows you to get a full 8 hours sleep. This can be difficult if you have little ones at home with added discomforts of pregnancy. However, if you can accomplish this- it will help you during the day.

Water! Water! Water! Stay hydrated  

Featured Mommy To Be: Traschelle Williams: Winning 2nd trimester while working!

Staying hydrated will help. Keep a BPA free water bottle at your desk- to sip on throughout the day. The American College of Obstetrics

4.Eating Healthy

Don’t skip meals

It is important to eat healthy while you are pregnant.  It’s a great idea to meal prep healthy meals and snacks to take with you. Meal prepping will help you reach your caloric intake goals and avoid the sugary tempting vendor & cafeteria meals available.image  

Also, meal prepping ahead of time- will save you time to rest later in the week. Pack 3 days worth of refrigerated meals at a time -pop in fridge and grab as you go.

5.Maximizing your Breaks

Relax During your Breaks

Take advantage of the  breaks you have during your work day. I would advise not working through your breaks or working on your personal to-do-list. Take time to eat a healthy snack-put your feet up and if you can catch a few zzzzzz’s; a power nap works wonder).

6.Organization is Key

“Placenta Brain/Baby Brain”, may not be a technical term , but mother’s can contest-there are times when you are pregnant – details and recalling information can be a tad bit “fuzzy”. 

Try to keep you work task organized. Making list, prioritizing, setting reminders. It will help you stay on point, and your team members will be appreciative.

7.Accept Help

Its nice when you have a co-worker that have traveled this journey before you. Or someone who understands what you are going through and offers help. You can accept the help- it doesn’t mean you are lazy or not capable. Remember, you are carrying an entire human- and that’s hard work.

8.Listen to your Body

If your body is saying : you have  arrived at the point in your pregnancy where you cannot work, or work at the capacity that you were previously; it is okay. Especially towards the end of your pregnancy ; you may feel more fatigue and more pregnancy symptoms such as pressure, Braxton hicks contractions, fatigue. Do not feel guilty or ashamed. Have a plan, speak with your supervisors and Doctor.

9.Work Restrictions

Some jobs require tasks that are safe in pregnancy. Being around chemicals , lifting heavy items, repetitive bending twisting pulling pushing.  Speak with your human resource department and Doctor. Your doctor may be able to write you a letter stating what you can do and not do while working and pregnant.


Preparation is key to having a smooth transition to exit the work place for maternity leave. Speak with Human Resource to confirm your Family Medical Leave is covered. Ask specific questions regarding how much time off you can take off with your baby, will you be paid during your time off. Speak with your doctor and supervisor to determine your estimated date  you will start Maternity leave.

Prepare as you Wait on Your Little One

Your main goal is Healthy Mom/Healthy Pregnancy. You want to be safe and keep your baby safe while enjoying this Amazing journey you are on. If you are a working mom (mom-to-be)- listen to your body, trust your instincts while working and growing a human. It may not be easy, but it can done.


Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby 

Mary E., RN,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women


(Featured Mommy-to-Be: Traschelle Williams- mother of 2,working full time in her 2nd trimester & Looking FAB and managing 40 hours a week!)

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Pregnancy Weight: Gaining Weight while Growing a Human

Your Body is Amazing


Your body is Amazing; you have the capability to help your son/and or daughter grow, develop and thrive. You are nurturing and caring for your child before you even hold your baby. That alone is awesome. With the wonderful job you are doing growing a little human, comes the expected yet unexpected Pregnancy Weight Gain- because are you truly ever ready?image

While it is exciting to see your body grow and develop; it can be challenging and confusing to experience. Like a majority of people, during your lifetime you may have spent a large amount of time thinking about your weight, managing your weight if you are overweight or underweight, and just focusing on being healthy trying to live your best life in your best body.

Then along comes baby and all preconceived notions and thoughts are altered.

Why is it important to have a healthy weight gain while pregnant?

The American College of Gynecology and Obstetrics (ACOG), 1, 2013 informs women the amount of weight gained during pregnancy can affect mom’s health and baby’s health.

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) states:

Gaining less than the recommended amount of weight in pregnancy could result in a baby that is too small; this can cause problems with breastfeeding, staying healthy and meeting milestones.

Gaining more than the recommended amount of weight in pregnancy can cause babies being born to large, which can cause delivery problems, future obesity during childhood and can cause the mother to have more difficulty losing weight after delivery.

Thoughts that may travel across your mind regarding Weight Gain in Pregnancy are:

  • It is normal to wonder how much weight you should gain?
  • Are you gaining enough weight?
  • How can I be at my best health?
  • Should I eat for 2?
  • How much weight gain is too much or not enough?

These are all excellent questions. I would first encourage you to speak with your doctor. Your doctor is an excellent resource and can assist you based on your body mass index (BMI) prior to pregnancy to help you know how much weight you should gain and food choices.

Recommended Weight Gain According to ACOG

Pre-pregnancy Weight Category Body Mass Index Recommended Range of Total Weight (pounds) Recommended Rates of Weight Gain in the Second and Third Trimesters (pounds) (Mean Range [lb/wk])
Underweight Less than 18.5 28–40 1 (1-1.3)
Normal Weight 18.5–24.9 25–35 1 (0.8-1)
Overweight 25–29.9 15–25 0.6 (0.5-0.7)
Obese 30 and greater 11–20

0.5 (0.4-0.6)

If you’re carrying twins (and eating for three), the weight gain recommendations for women of an average weight is 37 to 54 pounds. Overweight women should gain 31 to 50 pounds, and obese women should gain 25 to 42 pounds.


Where is the Weight Going?

Trust me, the weight you are gaining has a purpose and a reason. image

The Mayo Clinic provides a sample of how your pregnancy weight gain is distributed:

  • Baby weighs in at 7 or 8 pounds (about 3 to 3.6 kilograms). That accounts for some of your pregnancy weight gain. What about the rest? Here’s a sample breakdown:
  • Larger breasts: 1 to 3 pounds (about 0.5 to 1.4 kilogram)
  • Larger uterus: 2 pounds (about 0.9 kilogram)
  • Placenta: 1 1/2 pounds (about 0.7 kilogram)
  • Amniotic fluid: 2 pounds (about 0.9 kilogram)
  • Increased blood volume: 3 to 4 pounds (about 1.4 to 1.8 kilograms)
  • Increased fluid volume: 2 to 3 pounds (about 0.9 to 1.4 kilograms)
  • Fat stores: 6 to 8 pounds (about 2.7 to 3.6 kilograms)


6 RN Tips to help you have a Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain


1.) Follow all your doctor recommendations. Your doctor will weigh you during each of your prenatal   visits and offer suggestion and recommendations as needed

DO NOT DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT. Weight gain is needed during pregnancy. It is important to have  the calories and nutrients needed to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby

3.) With your Doctors Approval you can remain active during pregnancy: walking,swimming, yoga, etc

4.) Eat a balanced diet. Focus on whole grains /fruits and vegetables image

5.)  If you can meal prep for the week- it helps with planning healthy meals

6.) Do not stress; enjoy your pregnancy journey. All the changes will be worth it

Remember; your body is Amazing and every moment of your pregnancy; you and your baby are growing, changing, and developing rapidly. You are doing a great job taking care of your baby. Embrace the change, embrace the journey. It will be worth it.

Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby




Mary E., RN,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women






Weight gain during pregnancy. Committee Opinion No. 548. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Obstet Gynecol 2013;121:210

Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Reexamining the Guidelines from the National Academies Press. 500 Fifth Street, N.W., Lockbox 285, Washington, DC 20055; (800) 624-6242 or (202) 334-3313 (in the Washington metropolitan area); Internet,

Healthy Lifestyle. Pregnancy Week by Week. Mayo Clinic. February 15th,2017. Found online:





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My Wife is Growing a Human- Now What?

image6 Tips for Dad During Pregnancy

Dads you have chosen to embark on this Amazing Adventure of Pregnancy with your wife. This journey is not for the faint of heart; there will be good days, challenging days and also the best days of your life. While you are not the one carrying the baby- you definitely have a role on this journey.

As the one not carrying the baby, it can be difficult to know what, when and how to navigate the road of pregnancy. The best thing to do is to care, listen, support and be present during the pregnancy.

Listed below are 6 Tips for traveling this pregnancy journey with enthusiasm, joy, and direction.


If this is your first pregnancy or even 10th– each pregnancy is unique. Your partner is experiencing symptoms she has only read about and who better to share this with than you. The best way you can be there is to listen as she discusses the morning sickness, hopes, fears and the Awesomeness of having a baby. Remember if it’s important to her, it’s important to you.

2.Help Around the House  

You will be the ultimate hero when you assume more responsibilities around the home. During pregnancy energy is depleted and often your wife may feel sick and need that extra rest. Also, growing a human is hard work.

I recommend Dads new task is changing the cat litter, if you are not already doing so.. Exposure to Cat Litter during pregnancy can increase the risk of contracting an infection called Toxoplasmosis-which can cause harm to the baby.


3.Attend Appointments 

It may difficult to coordinate both of your schedules for every prenatal appointment. However, being together for the Major appointments such as the first heartbeat heard around 13 weeks and the ultrasound appointments, is a wonderful bonding experience when you “hear and see” your baby.

4.Childbirth Classes 

Attend Childbirth Classes together. I cannot say enough about the benefits of Childbirth classes, especially if this is your first baby. Childbirth classes allows you to form a bond together as you prepare for pregnancy and Labor and Delivery. It’s a safe place to bring all questions- big and small as you get ready to meet your little one.

5.Spend Time Together as a Couple 

Once baby arrives, your schedule and priorities will change. This is true if this is your 1st or 10th child. It is nice to spend quiet relaxing time together before the arrival of the little one. Some couples like to take a ‘Baby Moon’- a little vacation before the birth of your baby. However, it does not have to be an extravagant outing. Doing something with special meaning for you both, or having a romantic dinner or even a quiet relaxing evening at home are great ideas. The goal is to connect and share time as 2, before you become 3 or more.

6.Make Memories 

 This is a precious time. Make memories that will last forever. You can do pregnancy announcement photo shoots, a gender reveal party, plan the baby shower together and decorate and organize the Nursery. Every little moment together, as you prepare for baby, is creating priceless memories that will last a life time.image


Dads, the most important thing to remember is, this is you and your partner’s journey together. This journey is filled with joyful moments, unexpected twist and turns; yet you will arrive at your destination with your sweet baby


Support one another, love one another and most importantly prepare for the most

Amazing Adventure of Your Life.





Mary E., RN,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women




(Article Source:Jones JL, Krueger A, Schulkin J, Schantz PM. Toxoplasmosis Prevention and Testing in Pregnancy, Survey of Obstetrician-Gynaecologists. Zoonoses Public Health. 2010 57, Number 1, February 2010 , pp. 27-33(7).



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8 Amazing RN Tips to Survive 1st Trimester

Congratulations! You are Pregnant.

You are Excited & Happy; yet you feel……

Exhaustion, Nausea, Vomiting, Sore breasts, Bloating, Morning Sickness all day, and did I mention Extreme Exhaustion.


What’s a mommy to do? It is no joke. Growing a tiny human is hard work; especially in the beginning, as your body adjusts to pregnancy.  Yes, the end is sweet but that beginning ride is bumpy. The great news is by the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, your energy will have returned a little and the nausea have subsided.

Never fear…. RN Mary is here!

Listed below are 8 Amazing RN Tips to help you Survive the 1st Trimester of Pregnancy.


Frequent naps help with the tiredness. If you are able nap when you can. Do not feel guilty- it takes a lot of energy to grow a human


Pregnancy Pillow


Yes, even this early in pregnancy can help you get comfortable when sleeping. This is a great investment, as you will use it the duration of your pregnancy.


Nausea and Vomiting “Morning Sickness”

Never let your stomach be completely empty. Eat 6 small meals throughout the day. Carry crackers , fruit and vegetables to snack during the day.


Sea Bands

Sea Bands are a nice non-medical way to help with nausea


Stay Hydrated 


Water! Water! Water !

Water offer numerous benefits to your body during pregnancy. Make sure you are drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.  You can fancy up your water with lemon or cucumber to make it more appealing to you. Remember to avoid BPA and put your water in a glass or an easy to carry stainless steel water bottle.


Prenatal Vitamins

Take your Prenatal Vitamin Every Day. A tip: make sure to take with food in your tummy. Some women find taking your vitamin at night helps with the upset stomach.


Supportive Bra

You may notice your breast are larger and sore. The increased blood flow to the area from hormones cause breast and nipples to become swollen and sore.

A supportive bra will help support your breast during the 1st trimester and through the duration of your pregnancy.


Give Yourself Permission to Feel Exactly What You Are Feeling

Pregnancy is an exciting rollercoaster. Hormones are surging through your body. How you are feeling at this moment; if this is your first pregnancy or 10th pregnancy is normal. Exited, Nervous, Joyful, And Anxious are all normal emotions you may feel.  However, it you have a history of depression or postpartum depression or a mental health issue, you want to speak with your doctor to receive the best care for you and your baby


Growing a little human is hard work. You are doing a great job, keep up the good work. These tips will help you Survive the 1st trimester. Remember each day brings you closer to the 40 week mark and holding your sweet baby.

Healthy Mom/Healthy Pregnancy


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Mary E., RN,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women



The Journey of a High Risk Pregnancy

Maternal Fetal Medicine Monday


“Thank you. Thank you for taking a situation that could have been difficult, stressful and overwhelming and making it manageable.”


I will never forget these words spoken to me by a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) patient. That one sentence sums up why I do what I do, and why I love what I do.




I will protect the name of the patient for confidentiality and call her Mrs. X.  Mrs. X was  39 yo, pregnant with her second child; she and her husband was excited to welcome a new baby into their home. During a routine ultrasound, Mrs. X’s baby was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a condition that occurs when fluid builds up in the skull and causes the brain to swell. The name Hydrocephalus means “water on the brain”. The plan for Mrs. X’s baby was to transfer after delivery to a local Children’s Hospital to receive the care needed.

I recall meeting Mr. & Mrs. X and their adorable 2yo during their MFM consultation. Understandably, the family was overwhelmed, worried and nervous.  On top of the health concerns for their unborn baby and the apprehension of being separated shortly after birth; the family also had the additional stressors of insurance and logistics of appointments.

I remember telling the family: let me handle the insurance, let me handle arranging appointments, let me handle the little details. Your main concern at this time is to focus on your baby and yourself.  I noticed a little sigh of relief, yet wariness in their eyes. So I did what I do; called the insurance companies, obtained prior authorizations as needed, arranged appointments that coordinated with the patient’s convenience, and took care of any concern they had.

Prior to delivery on their last appointment with the MFM team; I wished them well and informed them to please call if they needed any further assistance. My patient went on to deliver; the baby was transferred to Children’s Hospital and I heard all was going well.  I thought of them often, but knew most likely I would not see them again until the next pregnancy; as the postpartum care would be with their primary Ob/Gyn.

Countdown to delivery; nervous but hopeful



Many months later; I received a call to come to the front desk. Standing at the front desk with her baby and older sister was Mrs. X.  Baby X was beautiful and doing well, mom looked happy, the big sister was excited. Mrs. X came back just to say

“Thank you. Thank you for taking a situation that could have been difficult, stressful and overwhelming and making it manageable.”


For anyone experiencing a high risk pregnancy; it can be overwhelming as you travel the unfamiliar road.  I want you to focus- day by day– do not try to figure everything out at one time. Trust your MFM team, let them worry about the little details. Take each moment to focus on you and your baby.

Remember, your MFM team’s goal is the same as yours:

Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby


Mary E., RN,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women


(article source: Written by Amanda Delgado and Valencia Higuera Medically Reviewed by Steven Kim, MD on September 26, 2015 Found online: Healthline)


1st Prenatal Visit

The First Step of Your Amazing Journey:


1st Prenatal Visit:

Excited, Nervous, Anticipation, Happy, Scared, Joyful, Ready!

You may feel all of these emotions as you prepare for your 1st Prenatal Visit; which is normal as you enter into a new phase in your life.  This is the first step on your Amazing Adventure of Pregnancy.  You will meet one of the key players on your team: Your doctor.  Of course you are the lead player on this journey and your thought, opinions and wants matter.

This visit normally occurs at approximately 8 weeks gestation. It is important to speak with your obstetric and Gynecologist (OB /Gyn) to schedule an appointment as soon as you know you are pregnant.

Every prenatal visit is very important. The 1st prenatal visit may be longer than future prenatal visits.  Think of this visit as a “getting to know you”; you will have the conversation, without the tea. The only thing you will need to bring with you is yourself and your medical history.


The most important thing to remember is your doctor is on your team:

Team Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby.

Be open, be honest and do not be scared to discuss all fears, hopes, concerns and symptoms you are experiencing.

During this visit your doctor will:

  • Have a great conversation
  • Confirm your Pregnancy
  • Give you a due date  ……… Let the count down begin : YAY!!!!
  • Find out your health history
  • Explore the medical history of family members
  • Determine if you have any pregnancy risk factors based on your age, health and/or personal and family history

You will have a:

Check Up:


  • Weight/Pelvic Exam/Blood Pressure and Breast Exam
  • Urine Checked
  • Blood Drawn – don’t worry it’s just to let the doctor know more about your body
  • These tests will inform your doctor if you have any risks that will affect you or your baby

Be Prepared to Answer:

  • Medical History-yours and your family medical history
  • Date of Your Last Menstrual Period – this will help determine a due date
  • Any past obstetrical history –all past pregnancies
  • Any current medications- including over the counter

Here is a list of 8 Questions to include with your own to ask your doctor:

  1. How often will I need to schedule prenatal appointments?
  2. What hospital will I deliver?
  3. What do you consider an emergency- when and how should I contact you?
  4. If I experience bleeding, cramping- do I contact you, the nurse or directly to the hospital?
  5. Can I exercise?
  6. How should I change my nutrition?
  7. Is it safe to continue sexual intercourse?
  8. Who is the doctor covering if the primary doctor is not available for appointments or delivery?

Remember to write down all of your questions….



Happy Pregnancy. Healthy Mom/Healthy baby


Mary E., RN,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women