Speak and Journal Positive Affirmations through 40 weeks of Pregnancy
Affirmations, pregnancy

It’s Affirmation Time

Hello Amazing Mom’s, Moms-to-be and all parents- This is for You! Today, I send love, light, joy and happiness your way.

Let me start with a little background. I created The Amazing Adventures of Pregnancy because, I believe every aspect of pregnancy from conception to delivery is an adventure that is unique, miraculous, challenging, exhilarating and an amazing journey filled with ups, downs twist and turns.

As The Amazing Adventures of Pregnancy evolved it was only appropriate to shorten the name to TAAP, which is as universal as pregnancy itself. My goal and desire is every person hoping to achieve pregnancy or have achieved pregnancy- learn the tools to ‘TAAP’ into their best life.

The best part is anyone can -‘TAAP’ into their purpose, passion, path. Have you ever found yourself feeling ‘blah’, less than or feeling like you are not enough? I can admit, I have been guilty of this. When, I feel that way, I remind myself- who I am, and whose I am. I want each one of you to feel your best and live your best life. I want you to “TAAP” into your potential and be at your best physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

One way you can “TAAP” into your potential is to speak things by Faith, Affirm yourself with positive thoughts, and sayings. My 2022 goal is to Educate, Inform and Affirm. I want You to have the tools to feel your best and live your best life. To know that you are enough-just as you are!

I created this Pregnancy Affirmation Journal for the moms-to-be. A little tool to help you focus on the moment. This journal is for any mom to be who need an extra dose of love, inspiration and mindfulness. Pregnancy is miraculous bur can be challenging. This journal will give you the space to STOP rushing and settle into the knowledge of your awesomeness!!


How have you ‘TAAP’ into your purpose since 2020? How are you walking into 2022? Do you Affirm yourself? Do you speak things by Faith?

Talk to me…I want to hear about your journey- pregnant or otherwise… so let’s ‘TAAP’ together and live happily đź’—

Until next time everyone, remember YOU ARE AMAZING!

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