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Pregnancy Love #1: Positive Pregnancy Test

Focusing on #Pregnancy Love, I want to take a moment to celebrate 



Your pregnancy journey may have began with challenges. Your journey may have been long waited with anticipation and nervousness. A desire you wanted more than anything, counting the days until that little stick tells you : You are Pregnant!  Or your journey may have begun with a “I wasn’t “trying” yet here we are moment” : ‘A blessing baby’ , I like to call it.


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 I want to take this moment in time to Celebrate all of the Positive Pregnancy Test that will happen during  the month of February. It does not matter what your story of pregnancy is or where/how your journey started. It is your story to be Celebrated!

This is the beginning of a new world for you, even if this is not your first pregnancy.  This baby will be an  addition to your world that will bring its own happiness, and challenges and unspeakable joys.

That Positive Pregnancy Test will forever be ingrained in your memory of when you first found out you were having a baby!  Surprised? Happy? Disbelief? a Huh? moment a What am I going to do? moment, A finally moment as a singe tear slips down your face.


This is your story  and it began with that Positive Pregnancy Test.

This month of Love: take a moment to own your story, your journey.

Relax in this season and prepare for a roller coaster ride of Pregnancy. For it is a journey that is unique  to you.


Coming  Soon To You!




By: Mary Echols, Wife/Mother/Nurse

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dads and pregnancy, pregnancy, Uncategorized

My Wife is Growing a Human- Now What?

image6 Tips for Dad During Pregnancy

Dads you have chosen to embark on this Amazing Adventure of Pregnancy with your wife. This journey is not for the faint of heart; there will be good days, challenging days and also the best days of your life. While you are not the one carrying the baby- you definitely have a role on this journey.

As the one not carrying the baby, it can be difficult to know what, when and how to navigate the road of pregnancy. The best thing to do is to care, listen, support and be present during the pregnancy.

Listed below are 6 Tips for traveling this pregnancy journey with enthusiasm, joy, and direction.


If this is your first pregnancy or even 10th– each pregnancy is unique. Your partner is experiencing symptoms she has only read about and who better to share this with than you. The best way you can be there is to listen as she discusses the morning sickness, hopes, fears and the Awesomeness of having a baby. Remember if it’s important to her, it’s important to you.

2.Help Around the House  

You will be the ultimate hero when you assume more responsibilities around the home. During pregnancy energy is depleted and often your wife may feel sick and need that extra rest. Also, growing a human is hard work.

I recommend Dads new task is changing the cat litter, if you are not already doing so.. Exposure to Cat Litter during pregnancy can increase the risk of contracting an infection called Toxoplasmosis-which can cause harm to the baby.


3.Attend Appointments 

It may difficult to coordinate both of your schedules for every prenatal appointment. However, being together for the Major appointments such as the first heartbeat heard around 13 weeks and the ultrasound appointments, is a wonderful bonding experience when you “hear and see” your baby.

4.Childbirth Classes 

Attend Childbirth Classes together. I cannot say enough about the benefits of Childbirth classes, especially if this is your first baby. Childbirth classes allows you to form a bond together as you prepare for pregnancy and Labor and Delivery. It’s a safe place to bring all questions- big and small as you get ready to meet your little one.

5.Spend Time Together as a Couple 

Once baby arrives, your schedule and priorities will change. This is true if this is your 1st or 10th child. It is nice to spend quiet relaxing time together before the arrival of the little one. Some couples like to take a ‘Baby Moon’- a little vacation before the birth of your baby. However, it does not have to be an extravagant outing. Doing something with special meaning for you both, or having a romantic dinner or even a quiet relaxing evening at home are great ideas. The goal is to connect and share time as 2, before you become 3 or more.

6.Make Memories 

 This is a precious time. Make memories that will last forever. You can do pregnancy announcement photo shoots, a gender reveal party, plan the baby shower together and decorate and organize the Nursery. Every little moment together, as you prepare for baby, is creating priceless memories that will last a life time.image


Dads, the most important thing to remember is, this is you and your partner’s journey together. This journey is filled with joyful moments, unexpected twist and turns; yet you will arrive at your destination with your sweet baby


Support one another, love one another and most importantly prepare for the most

Amazing Adventure of Your Life.





Mary E., RN,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women




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1st Prenatal Visit

The First Step of Your Amazing Journey:


1st Prenatal Visit:

Excited, Nervous, Anticipation, Happy, Scared, Joyful, Ready!

You may feel all of these emotions as you prepare for your 1st Prenatal Visit; which is normal as you enter into a new phase in your life.  This is the first step on your Amazing Adventure of Pregnancy.  You will meet one of the key players on your team: Your doctor.  Of course you are the lead player on this journey and your thought, opinions and wants matter.

This visit normally occurs at approximately 8 weeks gestation. It is important to speak with your obstetric and Gynecologist (OB /Gyn) to schedule an appointment as soon as you know you are pregnant.

Every prenatal visit is very important. The 1st prenatal visit may be longer than future prenatal visits.  Think of this visit as a “getting to know you”; you will have the conversation, without the tea. The only thing you will need to bring with you is yourself and your medical history.


The most important thing to remember is your doctor is on your team:

Team Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby.

Be open, be honest and do not be scared to discuss all fears, hopes, concerns and symptoms you are experiencing.

During this visit your doctor will:

  • Have a great conversation
  • Confirm your Pregnancy
  • Give you a due date  ……… Let the count down begin : YAY!!!!
  • Find out your health history
  • Explore the medical history of family members
  • Determine if you have any pregnancy risk factors based on your age, health and/or personal and family history

You will have a:

Check Up:


  • Weight/Pelvic Exam/Blood Pressure and Breast Exam
  • Urine Checked
  • Blood Drawn – don’t worry it’s just to let the doctor know more about your body
  • These tests will inform your doctor if you have any risks that will affect you or your baby

Be Prepared to Answer:

  • Medical History-yours and your family medical history
  • Date of Your Last Menstrual Period – this will help determine a due date
  • Any past obstetrical history –all past pregnancies
  • Any current medications- including over the counter

Here is a list of 8 Questions to include with your own to ask your doctor:

  1. How often will I need to schedule prenatal appointments?
  2. What hospital will I deliver?
  3. What do you consider an emergency- when and how should I contact you?
  4. If I experience bleeding, cramping- do I contact you, the nurse or directly to the hospital?
  5. Can I exercise?
  6. How should I change my nutrition?
  7. Is it safe to continue sexual intercourse?
  8. Who is the doctor covering if the primary doctor is not available for appointments or delivery?

Remember to write down all of your questions….



Happy Pregnancy. Healthy Mom/Healthy baby


Mary E., RN,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women



The Journey Begins



You may have just taken a home pregnancy test which shows………………

Positive for Pregnancy!!!


This is the most exciting time of your life as you begin one of the most Amazing Adventures of your life. This may be your 1st pregnancy or even your 5th— each pregnancy is special, unique and miraculous.


Get ready to embark on a journey that will literally leave you breathless at times, prove that you are stronger than you ever thought and wiser than you imagined. Get ready to expect the unexpected and be prepared to feel joy unmeasurable as you reach your destination of




With the positive pregnancy test you may experience many emotions:

  • Happy

  • Confused

  • Anxious

  • Excited

  • Nervous

  • Fear

  • Relief

  • Joy


Every emotion you are feeling is normal: This is a new experience at this time in your life- embrace the journey.


As you enter into the 1st trimester of pregnancy, defined by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) this trimester will last 0-13 weeks; remember this part of the journey may not be easy. Your body is working hard to create your very own little human; and it will be worth it. 

I call the 1st trimester “Climbing the Hill”, as this trimester is an uphill climb to the 2nd trimester. The 1st trimester is filled with new symptoms, aches and discomforts as your body adjusts to pregnancy. It is also filled with the wonder of your capability to grow life.  Pretty Amazing, right?


My 3 Main tips for this stage of pregnancy: Newly Pregnant

  1. Enjoy and Reflect on the miracle your body is creating

  2. Start taking a daily Prenatal Vitamin

  3. Schedule your first doctor’s visit with your Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/Gyn). This appointment usually is scheduled between 8-10 weeks


On the next post we will talk more about the 1st Prenatal Visit and what to expect and prepare for.


Thank you everyone so much for stopping by. Please leave your thoughts, comments and questions.


Talk to you soon  Welcome to your Amazing Adventure of Pregnancy; I’m excited to be on your journey with you.

                                                  Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby


(Article Source: ACOG No:611 10/2014)



Mary E., RN,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women