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From Conception to Birth: Real Mom. Real Stories. Real Life

Real Mom. Real Stories. Real Life. A Journey from Conception to Birth. Come join the adventure …..

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Pregnancy Love #1: Positive Pregnancy Test

Focusing on #Pregnancy Love, I want to take a moment to celebrate  the POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST! Your pregnancy journey may have began with challenges. Your journey may have been long waited with anticipation and nervousness. A desire you wanted more than anything, counting the days until that little stick tells you : You are Pregnant!  Or… Continue reading Pregnancy Love #1: Positive Pregnancy Test

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My Wife is Growing a Human- Now What?

6 Tips for Dad During Pregnancy Dads you have chosen to embark on this Amazing Adventure of Pregnancy with your wife. This journey is not for the faint of heart; there will be good days, challenging days and also the best days of your life. While you are not the one carrying the baby- you… Continue reading My Wife is Growing a Human- Now What?


1st Prenatal Visit

The First Step of Your Amazing Journey: 1st Prenatal Visit: Excited, Nervous, Anticipation, Happy, Scared, Joyful, Ready! You may feel all of these emotions as you prepare for your 1st Prenatal Visit; which is normal as you enter into a new phase in your life.  This is the first step on your Amazing Adventure of… Continue reading 1st Prenatal Visit


The Journey Begins

Congratulations!   You may have just taken a home pregnancy test which shows……………… Positive for Pregnancy!!! This is the most exciting time of your life as you begin one of the most Amazing Adventures of your life. This may be your 1st pregnancy or even your 5th-- each pregnancy is special, unique and miraculous.  … Continue reading The Journey Begins