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8 Amazing RN Tips to Survive 1st Trimester

Congratulations! You are Pregnant. You are Excited & Happy; yet you feel…… Exhaustion, Nausea, Vomiting, Sore breasts, Bloating, Morning Sickness all day, and did I mention Extreme Exhaustion. What’s a mommy to do? It is no joke. Growing a tiny human is hard work; especially in the beginning, as your body adjusts to pregnancy.  Yes,… Continue reading 8 Amazing RN Tips to Survive 1st Trimester


1st Prenatal Visit

The First Step of Your Amazing Journey: 1st Prenatal Visit: Excited, Nervous, Anticipation, Happy, Scared, Joyful, Ready! You may feel all of these emotions as you prepare for your 1st Prenatal Visit; which is normal as you enter into a new phase in your life.  This is the first step on your Amazing Adventure of… Continue reading 1st Prenatal Visit