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The Adventure Continues…9 Weeks

Hello again! The Amazing Adventures of Pregnancy (T.A.A.P.) Welcomes back to our Millennial Mom who is sharing her pregnancy journey from Conception to Birth: Mrs. Keishla Marie Narvaez. Keishla is still in the 1st trimester of her pregnancy and is sharing the exhausting and exciting facts of 9 weeks or pregnancy ! I am now 9 weeks and… Continue reading The Adventure Continues…9 Weeks

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From Conception to Birth: Real Mom. Real Stories. Real Life

Real Mom. Real Stories. Real Life. A Journey from Conception to Birth. Come join the adventure …..

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8 Amazing RN Tips to Survive 1st Trimester

Congratulations! You are Pregnant. You are Excited & Happy; yet you feel…… Exhaustion, Nausea, Vomiting, Sore breasts, Bloating, Morning Sickness all day, and did I mention Extreme Exhaustion. What’s a mommy to do? It is no joke. Growing a tiny human is hard work; especially in the beginning, as your body adjusts to pregnancy.  Yes,… Continue reading 8 Amazing RN Tips to Survive 1st Trimester