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Pregnancy Love: #5 : Telling the Grandparents


Focusing on #Pregnancy Love, I want to take a moment to celebrate 

the sweet moment

you tell your

Parents they will be




This pregnancy is a special moment for you and your parents. It is a moment for them to see you as parents and experience the joys seeing you experience the joy they had when they raised you. img_7123

Its a moment for them to look at you through new eyes . Possibly the moment where they truly realize you are now the “Parent” and not only their child. This is when they have the opportunity and honor to be proud of you being a mother /father and not only their child.

                                                                                                                                             (picture source:
                                                                              (picture source:

This is also the time were they can relax with the child raising and focus on the Loving and the Spoiling. “Grandma/Grandpa is my name and Spoiling is my Game ” .


Make the moment you tell your parents you are pregnant special. Do not be surprise if they have guessed it already 🙂 (Parents have an uncanny ability to do that).

Today during #Pregnancy Love Month:

Celebrate the moment you tell your parents you are having a baby !

Please share how you told your parents you were pregnant and their reactions.

Comment below


Grandparents love- Love on Another Levelpexels-photo-302045.jpeg


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Pregnancy Love : #4: First Ultrasound

Focusing on #Pregnancy Love, I want to take a moment to celebrate 

Seeing   your


For the First Time





It is a wonderful feeling to know you are pregnant, to have feel pregnancy symptoms and know there is life within. Take that feeling and multiply it by 100- when you have your first ultrasound and you can “see your baby“.

That is why today for #Pregnancy Love Month, I want to celebrate that first ultrasound. An ultrasound is used to monitor pregnancy and to diagnose and monitor medical conditions that are not related to pregnancy (American College of  Obstetricians and Gynecolologist (ACOG), 2017).

This is a moment when your pregnancy becomes tangible. A connection between knowing you are pregnant and “knowing’ you are pregnant. Your first ultrasound is an  opportunity to ‘ see’ your baby. You may receive your first ultrasound at 7-8 weeks for a dating ultrasound. Do not be surprise if your baby looks like a “little bean”. Your doctor may schedule your  first ultrasound for an Anatomy ultrasound around 18-22 weeks, which is also called a Fetal Survey. This is the ultrasound where the doctor can see your baby in its entirety organs, bones, growth, and gender if  you desire.



Whenever, you have your first ultrasound, CELEBRATE IT! This is the moment you can see that  your baby is thriving inside of you.

Celebrate your baby that you are ‘seeing’ . Celebrate your baby that  you are helping  blossom and become who he/she was born to be. Celebrate ‘seeing’ a dream come true!

Celebrate another reason to Love Pregnancy!



Do you remember your first ultrasound?  Do you have an ultrasound story to tell. Comment below. I would love to hear from you!







American College of Obstetricians and Gynecolologist (ACOG), 2017



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Pregnancy Love : #3:First Baby’s Flutter

Focusing on #Pregnancy Love, I want to take a moment to celebrate 

Feeling  your


First Flutter


Your baby’s first flutter you feel is a moment to be celebrated this month.

That first flutter may leave you wondering : Is it gas? A twinge? Movement? Your imagination? Don’t worry moms , that flutter will soon turn into kicks and rolls – you may even be able to tell if its is a foot or hand 🙂

First time moms may feel this movement the first time around 18  to 20 weeks gestation. While moms-to-be again may feel this movement earlier(




(DISCLAIMER: Please speak with your doctor about all concerns/questions regarding what is normal for your pregnancy).

This is a wonderful part of pregnancy to celebrate during # Pregnancy Love Month. That first felt baby movement is a moment you will always remember. From that moment on you will not only know your little one is inside, you will also feel your baby move.

Enjoy the moment ,  Enjoy the journey , Enjoy pregnancy

as you celebrate

#Pregnancy Love



By: Mary E.,RN , BSN, MSN

Wife/ Mother/ Nurse

I would love to chat with you- leave a comment below…..

or email me at :



Rigby,F. B. , 2016. Common Pregnancy Complaints and Questions. Medscape found online:


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Pregnancy Love #2: Sharing the News with the Dad-to Be

Focusing on #Pregnancy Love, I want to take a moment to celebrate 

Sharing the Positive Pregnancy Test

with the



(picture source:

I want to celebrate 2/5/2018 day of #Pregnancy Love with the moment you shared your pregnancy news with the dad-to-be

Did you take the pregnancy test with your partner? Or did you take the test alone and get to share the exciting news ?

This moment will be in your memories forever- the moment you realize 2 will become a family of 3 or more.


(picture source:

Its a life changing moment. A moment of joy, dreams realized, hope and happiness. Its a moment that is yours together.

Listed below are 5 Unique Ways to Tell Your Partner you are Pregnant!!!

You can be creative, be simple, be fun, but most importantly – Be you!

(1) Be Creative

  • Give a the dad to be a Baby Gift  or Coffee Mug with a saying “Best Dad Ever”
  • Give dad a baby gift- stand back watch while he opens it and wait for the reaction….
  • Trust me- that moment will be priceless 🙂  Bonus points for recording it

(You can also use that gift for Baby Announcement photos later)

img_7027 img_7025

( &

(2) Just say “Hey! You’re going to be a daddy!

(3)Play a Game

  •       Pictionary See the source imageCan you imagine the look on his face       when he guesses the answer?

(4)Give a card (you can save the card for years as a memory)

(5)Write a heartfelt letter with your news and about your journey to this point in your life

Take this time to share in it together! This the start of your journey. The ups the downs the nausea and the hopes! It is a time to dream and plan-together.

The truth is , it does not matter  how you share your news of that Positive Pregnancy Test-

It only matters that you make it a part of your story together

and Celebrate the

#Pregnancy Love


I would love to hear from you, and if you want to be featured on the Blog or Instagram during the month of February during the #Pregnancy Love series – e-mail me (Mary) at



img_7036(picture source: &


By: Mary E. , RN,BSN,MSN




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Pregnancy Love #1: Positive Pregnancy Test

Focusing on #Pregnancy Love, I want to take a moment to celebrate 



Your pregnancy journey may have began with challenges. Your journey may have been long waited with anticipation and nervousness. A desire you wanted more than anything, counting the days until that little stick tells you : You are Pregnant!  Or your journey may have begun with a “I wasn’t “trying” yet here we are moment” : ‘A blessing baby’ , I like to call it.


                                                 picture source:

 I want to take this moment in time to Celebrate all of the Positive Pregnancy Test that will happen during  the month of February. It does not matter what your story of pregnancy is or where/how your journey started. It is your story to be Celebrated!

This is the beginning of a new world for you, even if this is not your first pregnancy.  This baby will be an  addition to your world that will bring its own happiness, and challenges and unspeakable joys.

That Positive Pregnancy Test will forever be ingrained in your memory of when you first found out you were having a baby!  Surprised? Happy? Disbelief? a Huh? moment a What am I going to do? moment, A finally moment as a singe tear slips down your face.


This is your story  and it began with that Positive Pregnancy Test.

This month of Love: take a moment to own your story, your journey.

Relax in this season and prepare for a roller coaster ride of Pregnancy. For it is a journey that is unique  to you.


Coming  Soon To You!




By: Mary Echols, Wife/Mother/Nurse

I would love to chat with you: send me a note:


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February : Pregnancy Love Month

February : The Love Month

Pregnancy is beautiful, amazing, miraculous. What better time to celebate the Miracle of life than during the Month of Love: February!

The Month of February is a fun time to celebrate everything there is to Love about Pregnancy. Often we hear about the Pregnancy Woes, complications, pains, aches and discomforts. ( All of which are true.)



                      Sometimes you just need to nap, and that is 100% okay.

However, while the pregnancy journey is not always smooth and easy- it is definitely worth it!

Therefore, during this Month of Love, I want to Focus on the Lovely aspects of Pregnancy. I’ll attempt to write a post a day that focuses on one aspect of Joyfully being pregnant, in hopes to inspire , encourage, give hope and encourage all the #momtobe and #momtobeagain to enjoy this season of pregnancy.

Welcome Everyone to the Month of #Pregnancy Love

By: Mary Echols, Wife/Mother /Registered Nurse

Find me to chat:

Pregnancy Love    (
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Reducing the Risk of Birth Defects

The road of pregnancy is not always smooth and joyful.

photo source:

There are times when you are met with challenges and unexpected results. Birth Defects are one of those road blocks that stop you in your tracks and cause you to travel an unexpected road.

While this may not be the journey you want or the road you want to travel-there is hope. I recommend if this is your journey, to connect with a doctor you trust, make sure to ask all of your questions and fully get an understanding. 


Remember the birth defect is not your fault and you are not alone; every 4 and ½ minutes a baby is born with a birth defect in the United States (Center for Disease Control, 2008). 

Birth defects are common. Every 4 and ½ minutes, a baby is born with a birth defect in the United States. Birth defects affect 1 in every 33 babies born in the United States each year. That translates into about 120,000 babies.

The  month of January is designated National Birth Defects Prevention Awareness Month. This annual campaign is promoted by the National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and throughout Ohio (

January hosts National Birth Defects Prevention Month and Folic Acid Awareness Week


What is a Birth Defect?

Some of you reading this may be wondering:

 What is a Birth Defect?    Do my baby have one?       Is it my fault?


A birth defect is a condition that is present at birth. Some birth defects can be seen right after the baby is born like a club foot, extra fingers or toes. For other birth defects; special test may need to be done to discover them such as hearing loss. While others may not be noticed until later in life (

What Causes Birth Defects?

Of course you may be wondering how can you protect your baby and pregnancy. The truth is many birth defects cannot be prevented because their cause if not known ( This can be scary because how can you prevent something from happening when you don’t even know what to prevent?  While that is true,  and some birth defects cannot be prevented:

You can help Reduce the Risk of Birth Defects

Listed below are recommendations from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) that help decrease your risk of birth defects:

  • See your doctor before becoming pregnant.
  • Know your risk factors.
  • Take a daily multivitamin before and during pregnancy.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Use medications wisely.
  • Take care of medical conditions before pregnancy.
  • Do not use alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Prevent infections.
  • Avoid known harmful agents

Pregnancy in itself is a leap of faith and trust throughout the process of conception to delivery and parenting adds another whole layer. The truth is there are many factors that influence a pregnancy and a pregnancy outcome. I encourage everyone who is thinking of becoming pregnant,please schedule an appointment and speak with their doctor even before a Positive Pregnancy Test.

Take each day as it comes, ask questions and trust the journey. Also take a moment to review the Patient Education Information from ACOG ( The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) for more in-depth information on Reducing the Risk of Birth Defects 



Healthy Mom/ Healthy Baby

by Mary E.,RN,BSN,MSN

Wife /Mother/Nurse

Contact Mary at :



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Enjoying Your Fall Pregnancy!


Happy Fall Fri Yay!! ( to quote my 5year old)
Are you enjoying your Fall Friday?


Being pregnant in the Fall can be a wonderful thing.

Listed below are 5 Simple yet Wonderful Things I enjoyed during my Fall Pregnancy.

I Hope you are enjoying them too.

 1.) Outfits

Sweaters ,scarves, boots, Oh My!


The layer look is in and Pregnancy Fall clothes are adorable!
Rock the Bump with a classically chic style.

2.) Outings

Fall is the perfect time to take a leisurely stroll with your family, as the leaves crunch under your feel as you wonder towards the AMAZING FARMER MARKETS!!!Crunchy leaves during a leisurely stroll with your family.

While there be sure to stock up on jams, vegetables and treasures you find there.


3.) Cider Mills!!!

Doughnuts and all things wonderful!

**Important -remember don’t drink unpasteurized drinks**



4. )Pregnancy Announcements


Fall pregnancy announcements are the most adorable- the colors, the scenery add a certain flair to your photos.

Below is one of my favorite Pregnancy Announcements!IMG_5154


Of course Fall would not be fall if we did not mention the ….

5.) Perfect weather

Not to hot/ not too cold. It seems during pregnancy you can never be comfortable. The summer heat is stifling and clothes are sticking. Winter weather is biting cold and the extra padding can make you feel like a  snowman. 

With Fall you can’t beat the excellent fall days.

6.) Foot wear

Let’s admit ladies- bending down to tie your shoe when pregnant can be slightly uncomfortable- but if you wear Fall boots-they are tall enough you can pull them up –win for the baby bump!


The truth is any season you are pregnant is a wonderful season. Enjoy your Fall pregnancy!!!




Do you have any Fall Pregnancy stories you want to share… Please comment below…

I want to hear from you- your favorite part of being pregnant in the Fall





Mary Echols,RN,BSN,MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Advocate of all Pregnant Women

Contact me at



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6 Helpful Tips to Tell Your Boss: You are Pregnant

I remember a few years ago, I scheduled an appointment with my director. My intent was to inform her I was pregnant. My mindset was I wanted to be transparent and have a plan ready for my Maternity Leave. My Personal Choice was to wait until I was in my 2nd trimester. Sitting down in her office; we shared small talk.

Then the time came:

“So….I’m Pregnant”                                                                                                                                          

My director immediately jumped up from her chair, broke into a huge smile. Engulfed me in the BIGGEST Hug; saying


I exhaled a breath, I didn’t know I was holding. My director made this moment special. I knew in that moment: working while pregnant would be fine.

Unfortunately , not everyone has this experience.  

Therefore I have created: 

6 Helpful Tips for Telling Your Boss :  You are Pregnant

My hope is your experience is peaceful, easy, and supportive.

(1)  When to Tell Your Boss

It is your  choice when you decided to tell your leadership team you are pregnant. A lot of women wait until the second trimester. However, it is a personal choice and whenever you decide is the right time. I would advise you  not   to wait until your are 40 weeks and having labor pains 🙂

(3)  Speak with Human Resources(HR)

It is important that you speak with your Human Resource Department (HR) to know how much time you are eligible to have off  for your Maternity Leave.  If you are not understanding what HR is saying: ask questions and take notes.  It is a lot of information to process.  Also,be mindful of paperwork that will need to be completed and deadlines to turn in that paperwork.   Take time to review The Family  Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Read more about FMLA here:

(3) Tell Your Leadership before you tell  your Colleagues

Your co-workers may be your best friends. However, out of respect and professionalism- it is important your boss knows first.

(4) Schedule an Appointment with your Boss  IMG_5081

I recommend you schedule an appointment with your boss. The last thing you want to do is meet with your leadership team while they are rushing and do not have time to listen or be engaged in the conversation.


“HEY, I’M PREGNANT!” and run off.   IMG_5080

Also, do not e-mail or write a note. Make the appointment face to face.  You  always want to be courteous, respectful and professional.

(5) Have a Plan

When you meet with your Boss, be prepared with a plan. You want your plan to include how you will continue to work during pregnancy, train your replacement, and when you plan on starting Maternity Leave. Also, have an idea and be sure to express your plan to return to work when you have completed your Maternity Leave.IMG_5074

Things happen and rarely go according to plan. However, if you have a plan in place it will help with the transition. Especially if you have to start Maternity Leave earlier than anticipated.

(6) Breathe

This is a happy time in your life. Do not feel pressure, scared or intimidated. You are entitled to a Maternity Leave.

Pregnancy, especially with your first baby comes with more than growing a human. Everything can seem overwhelming.  There are a lot of factors to consider: work, home, family to name a few.  Deciding on when and how to tell your  Boss can add to that stress.


  • Be Professional
  • Have a Plan
  • Be Happy
  • Follow the 6 Tips above

This will help you tell your Boss, You are Pregnant and keep you stress free, happy and calm during your pregnancy.

Have you told your Boss you are pregnant? Do you have any stories or ideas you want to share with other moms and moms to be?

Comment Below…..


Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby


Written by: Mary Echols,RN,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/ ” Champion of All Pregnant Women”

Be sure to contact me with questions, thoughts, concerns. I would love to connect and get to know you better.

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Surviving Postpartum Depression: You are not alone

This week ABC television show: Black-ish , aired the episode ‘Mother Nature’. This episode captured the very real phenomenon of Postpartum Depression (PPD).

While watching this episode, I begin to reflect on the miracle of pregnancy and the journey of pregnancy that is not always so pretty:  Postpartum Depression.

Postpartum Depression is real and it is not your fault. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologist states 1 out of 7 women experience Postpartum Depression. (ACOG, 2017).  Postpartum Depression can cause you to feel sad, overwhelmed, confused, angry, like a bad mom, alone and scared.

You are not alone.


Being a mom to a newborn can be challenging, adding Postpartum depression can cause you to be completely overwhelmed.

Postpartum Depression can occur up to 1 year after having a baby, but it usually starts about 1-3 weeks after having your baby.

You may find yourself with intense feelings of being sad, anxious, not bonding with your baby and just “can’t get it right”.

Remember, this is not your fault.

Usually Postpartum Depression occurs because of :

  • Changes in hormone levels.
  • History of depression you have an increased risk for developing postpartum depression.
  • Adjusting to taking care of a newborn-even though you love and planned for this little one and enjoyed pregnancy.
  • Sleep Deprivation is also a contributes to Postpartum Depression
  • Not having a support system

Moms, sometimes, you may not even realize you have Postpartum Depression as you try to make it day by day with your new baby. If you think you may have PPD or if your partner /family member or friend think you have PPD, you can see your Ob/Gyn- even if it is not time for your Postpartum Checkup.

I have seen women come into the clinic, crying and not realizing it. I have heard women being counseled by their doctor and expressing they are scared of being judged.

Mom’s, I want you to know you are not alone, and this is not your fault. There is no shame associated with having PPD and needing help.

  • Listen to your family if they suggest you may have PPD
  • Talk with your doctor-they want to help you.
  • Do not expect a quick fix. Recovering from PPD may take a while.
  • You do not have to do this alone.

The journey through Postpartum Depression is not an easy one to travel. It is a journey that many have traveled before you , after you and even with you now.

I  also  want you to have hope; while the road may be dark; there will be sunshine again.


Always Healthy Moms / Healthy Baby

By:  Mary Echols,RN ,BSN,MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women

Contact Mary @



The Americans College of Obstetrics and Gynecology,2017.Depression and Postpartum Depression: Resource Overview

                     (Youtube.come/ on video in blog)

Picture source: