5 Nurse Tips for Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pregnancy is a miraculous experience, and in that miraculous event there are many ups and downs. You may experience physical changes in your body you never imagined. One symptom that may rise up is Pain

Moms-to-be, are you feeling that sharp pain in your pelvic area? A pain that appears when you move or even when you sit to long? You may have PELVIC GIRDLE PAIN

What is pelvic girdle pain? Pelvic pain in pregnancy has been known as symphysis pubis dysfunction but is now commonly known as pelvic girdle pain. Pelvic girdle pain causes pain in the joints and symphysis pubis. This pain can range from mild to severe. While this pain will not cause death or harm to your baby, it may feel like it, as it can affect your mobility, walking, bending and climbing stairs (Mackenzie,J.et.al.,2017).

Are you wondering what causes this pain? There are a few possible reasons

  • Relaxin- a hormone that is released to help ligaments loosen and joints expand so baby can grow
  • Strain placed on your pelvis
  • Your risk for PGP increase with a history of lower back pain, previous trauma to the pelvis or previously given birth (Mackenzie,J.et.al.,2017)

Wait, keep reading, there is hope!

Speak with your provider about your symptoms

  • Speak with your provider about your symptoms
  • Ask your doctor if physical therapy is appropriate
  • A maternity belt may be able to support your belly and hips to relieve pressure
  • A pregnancy pillow to support your joints during sleeping hours
  • A nice relaxing prenatal massage to soothe your muscles and aching joints
  • Take a break from sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • After talking with your provider- using heating packs or ice packs may help relax muscle spasms

The best tip is to give yourself grace.
This is a challenging pregnancy symptom to navigate. You may not be able to do everything you use to and that’s OK. You may have to ask for assistance with chores and responsibilities- and that’s OK
Your main priority is to keep you and baby safe, healthy and happy.

I hope this article offered tips to help relieve you from pain of Pelvic Girdle Pain. Please share tips for other moms-to-be to learn from.

As always remember: YOU ARE AMAZING!


MacKenzie,J.,Murry,E.,Lusher,J.(2017).Women’s experiences of pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain: A systematic review.Midwifery.56,102-111. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.midw.2017.10.011

Shiri,R., David Coggon, K Falah‐Hassani.(2018).Exercise for the prevention of low back and pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. European Journal of Pain 22 (1), 19-27, 2018


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