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“C-Section or Not; You are a Mother”

  She Cried Today. She cried because her pregnancy journey will end with a Caesarean section (C-section). She cried because pregnancy to her that means she didn't earn her baby She cried because she felt she wasn't a 'real' mother/woman. She cried because she will not be able to labor her baby into the world. She… Continue reading “C-Section or Not; You are a Mother”

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Wednesday’s with the Waltons

Enter the Walton house where 5 lovely, rambunctious children will greet you at the door with their laughter, if you’re lucky, or their screams of madness if you come on a bad day. But picture our day at 6am when the kids are waking up, slowly and begrudgingly. The princess somehow found her way to my bed and is stretched out the long way across my bed looking like a cat in a window bathing in sunlight.