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Baby Shower

Your pregnancy journey may be filled with nausea, joy, fatigue, excitement, happiness pregnancy symptoms you never knew could occur… basically a roller coaster of emotions and experiences…then you take an expected turn and arrive at your…..
Baby Shower 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Hosted by your family and friends to
Celebrate you and your new babyimage

This is the time for you to relax, sit back, enjoy and be on the receiving end of good wishes presents, joy and love.

I’ve noticed in recent years baby Showers have evolved. Where there use to be a cake games and diapers in a little room ; Baby Showers are now full out extravaganzas.

The most important thing to remember is that your baby shower reflects you. You want to be comfortable and relaxed. If you prefer a quiet intimate gathering or a full party- do what makes you comfortable ,happy and grateful as you celebrate the arrival of your baby.






Having a baby boy & loving it!

Ms. Rickia Thomas celebrated her baby boy with family and friends.



Rickia’s priority was to include her girls; wanting them to be a part of their baby brother’s life from the beginning. They are so excited to welcome their baby brother.


The shirts are adorable! It’s a boy!!!

Food is a big part of any gathering. When choosing what to serve- include a variety and choose items you like as well. Make sure in all the excitement to sit down and enjoy a bite or 2 😊



What’s a great meal without an Awesome dessert?

Cake and Cupcakes:





Rickia had a beautiful shower and was grateful to have a moment for her family to celebrate a new life: A baby boy!

Join me in congratulating Ms. Rickia Thomas. A beautiful person inside and out. She is carrying a full plate with a smile– Mom of 2 adorable girls with a 3rd child on the way; working full time while in Nursing school. You will definitely be hearing more from this Amazing mom in the upcoming weeks.

Moms, I want you to know whatever theme or setting you decide to have for your shower know it will be memorable. It will be a moment in your pregnancy journey to sit back, relax and be “showered” with love!

( Pictures by HoneyBee Photography: Shameika Howell)
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By : Mary Echols , RN,BSN,MSN

Wife/Mother/Registere Nurse/”Caretaker of all Pregnant Women”

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5 Ways to Announce You’re Pregnant

You have peed on a stick, confirmed with the doctor, battled or still battling morning sickness and in awe that your body is doing an amazing job of growing a human. The time has come to announce to the world you are HAVING A BABY!!!

Some couples like to wait until the second trimester, while others like to shout from the rooftops as soon as the pregnancy test says: PREGNANT! imageWhenever you choose to share your pregnancy, it is the right time.

There are many creative ways you can announce to your family and friends you are pregnant. This is one of those moments that will become a lifetime memory. Make the pregnancy announcement memorable, fun, exciting; but most importantly, make it you.

Listed below are 5 fun, creative, exciting and traditional ways to announce your pregnancy.

5 Simple but Creative Ways to Announce You’re Pregnant:

Have the older sibling(s) announce the pregnancy

This is such a great idea because it includes the older sibling(s), help with the bonding; and the Grandparent/family and friends will think it is adorable. Plus,what a fantastic way to introduce your growing family than with the “original(s)”image

 image   Give a Gift

This idea is really nice around the holidays or birthdays, but can be used throughout the year. Wrap a gift with a bib/baby onesie or an ultrasound photo and present to your family/friends. One idea I love is to present your parents with a gift that says from your Grandbaby. Have your camera ready – you will capture a once in a lifetime reaction.

Moonyldesigns etsy

Instagram/ Social Media

Social Media has become an excellent way to stay connected to family and friends. If you want to reach all of your family and friends in an instant- Post your photo and wait for the comments to roll in. (Tip: make sure you tell the people you are closest to before you tell the world)

Cute Photo Op Ideas:






imageSay It With Food

Everyone loves food. At the next family dinner; say you will bring the dessert. When you bring out the dessert; have a cake that says “We’re Pregnant”, or a big cookie saying Baby due…

You can even pass out customized Hershey’s Bars; chocolate goodness with a sweet surprise-what can be sweeter? 


The Candy Bars can be customized to say what you want

image Keep It Traditional

Sometimes a simple letter mailed to your parents/aunts and uncles with a heartfelt message and include the announcement. The letter will become a memento that will be kept for years.

Call your friends on the phone or go out to brunch. Many of your friends have been in your life for years and have been on your journey with you from the beginning. What a special moment to share this journey with them as well. 

Remember, this announcement is part of your pregnancy adventure; and it is yours to tell.

Have fun, make it memorable and most importantly be true to yourself.



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Healthy Mom /Healthy Baby


Mary E., RN,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women


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